Hampshire Cyber Security

Cyber Watch has a team of Cyber Champions willing to help you for free

Our Cyber Champions are Neighbourhood Watch volunteers trained by Hampshire Police Cyber Crime Unit

What services do we offer?

Our Cyber Champions are willing to:

Talk to (local) groups across Hampshire to increase awareness of cyber crime and to demonstrate ways to help keep you safe and to
provide direct support to individuals who are concerned about communications they have received or believe they are victims of cyber crime.

We can Help

Talk to Groups

Who we help

We will help:
Any Hampshire group wishing to improve awareness of cyber crime amongst their members.

Hacking Detected


What we can help you with

Our Cyber Champions will advise on five key steps to protecting yourself from cyber crime, how a scammer works, and what to do if you or someone you know becomes a victim of a scam. The five key steps are:

   * Suitable (Strong) Passwords
   * Multi-factor Authentication
   * Maintaining your Privacy
   * Protecting your devices
   * Patching and Updates

Provide Support to Someone

Who we help

We will help:
Residents living in Hampshire, who are 13 years or older and who are concerned or experiencing an issue with their own online accounts or devices – or would just like advice from a Cyber Champion.

This service is for individuals only – we do not provide support to businesses. If your business is experiencing a cyber security issue you should see the NCSC website for guidance here or contact your local computer specialist.

Hampshire Cyber Watch

What issues we can help you with? 
For example:

  •    You’ve spotted a potential scam email or phone call but are not sure what to do next  
  •    You think you have been hacked
  •    Someone is asking you to pay a ransom
  •    You have received malicious messages
  •    You think you may be targeted by fraud & scams
  •    You have lost information that could affect your privacy

How do you request a talk, or make a general enquiry?

If you have a general enquiry or would like to ask for a talk by one of our Cyber Champions to your group please click the link below, complete the form and someone from HCW will contact you. 

Covid 19 – At the present time, face to face presentations are unlikely to be possible due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, if you wish to express your interest in a talk from a Champion when restrictions allow or can arrange to use a virtual (video conference) facility, please contact us.

How do you request (urgent or non-urgent) help from a Cyber Champion?

If you need advice, have a question, want to send a message to a Cyber Champion or you need a Cyber Champion to contact you urgently to help you with an issue please click the link below, complete the form and one of our Cyber Champions will contact you as soon as possible.,

Legal Disclaimer

Cyber Watch is a free service staffed by Neighbourhood Watch volunteers. Our experts have diverse Cyber Security skills and qualifications, and are offering to help free of charge. We will endeavour to help you with your problem or point you in the direction of other organisations that are able to help where we are not. While we make all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, it does not constitute legal advice and cannot be relied upon as such. Cyber Watch does not accept any responsibility for any liability arising as a result of reliance upon the information given.